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Published in the Fall of 2015, Muse of Fire: Storytelling & The Art of Science Communication aims to provide a ready reference for scientists, engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and anyone else grappling with the thorny questions of how best to deliver technical information.

Using the language and techniques from narrative storytelling, the book outlines concrete, practical advice on how best to craft and deliver a message. It is intended to assist the working professional, but can also be used as a text for courses that deal with scientific and technical information.

A digital version of the book is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License, and is available at no charge. The digital version can be reproduced and distributed by anyone.

For those who prefer a hard copy of the book, or those who wish to further support this work, copies of the paperback edition are available for purchase through Amazon, or directly from the CreateSpace store via the link below. A Kindle edition and a hardcover edition are expected early in 2016.

The content of the two versions is identical, though there may be differences in type or page numbering.

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